A Flame Called Pheonyx

A Flame Called Pheonyx

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Introducing Pheonyx Bakes from Valleyville, a small but popular city in Kentucky. She is a stunning, smart and ridiculously sexy eighteen year old senior with a hot head and criminal mind. High school rumor has it that Pheonyxa€™s arch enemy, Chloe Greene, who lacks common sense but parades herself as a vixen, has become extremely promiscuous with various men, including someone very close to Pheonyx. During an alcohol induced emotional breakdown, Tonja, Pheonyxa€™s mother, confesses to her that she does have a seventeen year old sister, Samantha, whom was a product of an affair her father had years ago. When Tonja gives her husband one final ultimatum, he refuses to comply. He wants to keep things the way that they are currently, his way. This is more than a revelation for Pheonyx, this is her reality. Her father has been deceiving her and her family for years and she never knew it. When a shocking and unexplained murder of someone turns everyonea€™s head, questions arise and Detectives come knocking on Pheonyxa€™s front door. After one too many a€˜coincidencesa€™, Pheonyx sees her father for who he really is.... A lying cheat. While she patiently waits for an opportunity to present itself, when it comes to her father, Pheonyx takes matters into her own hands. David, Pheonyxa€™s little brother, calls her with urgent news of her father. Pheonyx is prepared to play the role of a terrified and shocked daughter, until she sees the face of a familiar woman, which she doesna€™t know. When a Detective confirms that this mystery woman is Jaslyn Carlucci, Pheonyx becomes outraged. Carlucci has scarred the family the most and Pheonyx is convinced that she must be dealt with. Pheonyx finds herself making life and death decisions going to Brielle for balance and comfort. Brielle Kurjack, her lifelong friend, has many secrets of her own. Yet still, she stands close in Pheonyxa€™s corner, but even she has doubts, questions and suspicions about her revenge stricken friend. Unexpected and untimely situations create a domino effect in this intriguing drama. Lies, scandal, and mystery. The three ingredients needed to ignite a Flame Called Pheonyx.I have a 2008 red Ford Focus. ... complain. While Iwaited for a response, I beganto eye my closetin hopes of finding something to wear. I mentally decided that Iwas going to wear my dark denim blue jean vest and matching skinny jeans.

Title:A Flame Called Pheonyx
Author:Ann Gilkey
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-08-19


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