A Foggy Sunrise

A Foggy Sunrise

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A Foggy Sunrise creates a colourful, real image of life in Romania during the interwar period that preceded World War II, continued with the war period, and the beginning of socialism. This is a living fresco that restores photographic images frozen in time and space. Ita€™s a documentary with historic value where every person is alive and anchored in time to describe precisely the events in the context of everyday life with authenticity and the candour of the storyteller as a child. Author David Kimel weaves a transparent picture of a childhood that reveals his innocent daily adventures It follows the somber, less exciting struggle of his parents and neighbours living in the outskirts of Bucharest during the troubled times before and after the end of the Second World War a€”a time that brought a communist regime into power in Romania. He offers a myriad of facts and circumstances he witnessed that enriches the narration with colourful, sometimes sad, sometimes funny little descriptions that create a vivid fresco of these years. In the background, never mentioned in the story, were the larger-than-life figures of his Jewish parents who were forced to assume dangerous risks in order to survive and provide food for their children. Kimela€™s memoir provides new insight into the history of a country at a crucial time in a divisive Europe where people had to run for their lives in search of liberty to another country.chained seats or little wooden horses rotated by men paid to walk atop an upper platform. ... see them be forgotten today because peoplea#39;s taste is changing, pushed in other directions by the technological revolution. ... It wasa very fine puppet theatre, colour printed on whitecardboard that could beeasily cutoff piecebypiece.

Title:A Foggy Sunrise
Author:David Kimel
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-10-21


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