A Fright of Ghosts

A Fright of Ghosts

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Helen Chappell, an award-winning Eastern Shore author, now brings you A Fright of Ghosts, the fifth novel in her sought after qSam and Hollis Mysteryq series. Hollis's dead ex-husband, Sam, drops in on her at both opportune and inopportune times, assisting the reporter in solving the mystery of Shellpile Island. Hollis's brother Robbie is accused of murder when he awakens to find a bloody body on the dock next to his workboat. Why are all the homes of poverty-striken Shellpile Island sporting new additions? Where did the residents find the money to buy all those new trucks? Sluggo's three wives lure Hollis into their trap not knowing that a 300-year-old pirate has their number. Join Sam, Hollis, and the residents of Shellpile to find out if Hollis gets out of this one alive.Then H.P. called Binky. Then Binky and H.P. had a come-to-Jesus and Binky finally did the right thing. ... aquot;Thata#39;s Sylvia, aquot; H.P. chuckled, looking after her. ... My reporter sense was tingling as I looked from one to the other, but both returned my look so blandly that I didna#39;t feel I was going to get much more information right then.

Title:A Fright of Ghosts
Author:Helen Chappell
Publisher:Cornell Maritime Press - 2006


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