A Game of Inches

A Game of Inches

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An encyclopedia of the national pasttime that will surprise, delight, and educate even the most knowledgeable fan. It illuminates the origin of items from catchers' masks to hook slides to intentional walks to baseball's reserve clause.... Hits as a Statistic, 17.15 Sacrifice Killer, 4.3.8 Safe and Out Signals, 8.5.4 Sailors, 3.2.14 Salary Arbitration, 18.4.10 Salary Caps ... Baseball, 13.4.7 Scientific Batting, 2.1.1 Scoop Throws, 4.4.17 Scoreboards, 14.5.14a€”14.5.21, 15.3.9 Scorecards, ... 9.3.10 Six-four-three Double Play, 4.4.13 Six-man Umpiring Crews, 8.1.7 Sixth 1nfielders, 6.7.1 Sixty Feet, Six Inches, ... 5.2.5 Sliding Gloves, 9.4.13 Sliding Pads, 9.4.12 Slot for Index Finger, 9.3.8 Slow-motion Replays, 23.3 .7 Slow Pitch, anbsp;...

Title:A Game of Inches
Author:Peter Morris
Publisher:Ivan R Dee - 2010


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