A Girl Like Her

A Girl Like Her

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Life is all about choices. The ones you get to make and the ones you dona€™t. You can choose the friends you have and the people you want to employ. You can choose your battles but you cana€™t always choose your enemies. You can choose your goals and your dreams although these things dona€™t always choose you. You can choose what you want to eat and where you want to shop. There is however, three choices you cana€™t make. You cana€™t choose who you fall in love with or who falls in love with you. You also cana€™t choose your family.How well do you know your closest friends or people you choose to have in your life? Your lovers? Your own family? The people who claim to be your friends? Even the people youa€™ve just met? Would you do to them what they would try to do to you? Would you try to take their boyfriends? Or would you simply talk about them behind their back? Therea€™s a token few who are loyal in that world. What will your friends do for you when the chips are down? This is where Lexi lives, right in the middle of her chaotic events. Everything that happens always begins with something she says, knows, or does, often with disastrous results. She sees everything through her purple tinted sunglasses. What will happen when she loses the glasses and starts seeing things for what they really are? In a strangely humorous way, live the ups and downs of her and her frienda€™s romances. Will she choose the nice guy or the bad boy? Will the nice guy become a jerk or will the bad boy become nice? How do people react to situations they arena€™t used to being in? Welcome to Lexia€™s world. Her life is sent through a wringer with a€˜Church Boya€™ Blaine, her rock star boyfriend Izzy, a famous dad she didna€™t know she had, and everyone else in her life. People arena€™t ever what they seem to be. Just look at the chapter titles. That should be enough to want to know more. I would call this tale a twisted dark romance with a keen sense of humor. Something like a warped modern day Romeo and Juliet with all the modern problems. Sorry, no vampires here. Once you start reading you probably wona€™t even miss them. There are plenty of bloodsuckers of a different kind. Careful, you might even learn something. If nothing else, youa€™ll get sucked into these colorful and sometimes unlikable peoplea€™s lives. Ita€™s all about love and hate and the thin line in between. If youa€™re the least bit curious open it to any page and read. Youa€™ll want to keep reading to find out what happens. Youa€™ll get addicted, youa€™ll want more. I hope.Mya, youa#39;re getting a huge bonus for this, a€ Lexi told her and Leetha, who somehow cut her finger on the melon scoop. a€œLexi, please tell my ... I have some instructional videos that you could watch, a€ Lexi said, not surprised that 221 A Girl Like Her.

Title:A Girl Like Her
Author:Michelle Millington
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01-12


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