A Guide For a Job Search-Keys for Moving Up

A Guide For a Job Search-Keys for Moving Up

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Ita€™s time to cut to the chase about A Guide For A Job Search a€“ Keys For Moving Up. This Guide helps create a positive approach to life while you reach your greatest achievement. This book isna€™t written about what your mother and father learned in their job search. This material is now, new, exciting and useable. It will bring success. The no-frills, common-sense presentation will answer the question, a€œWhata€™s up with mea€? You are not too young or you are never too old to establish your signature. Your signature is more than a hand writing sample of whom and what you represent. It distinctly presents you in every capacity. Onea€™s image, character and presence changes when the standard of living improves. Onea€™s lifestyle changes when the quality of life is enhanced. In completing the exercises you are creating a new quality of life blueprint. Your lifestyle change will emphasize the importance of the new you. Personal and family satisfaction will reach new heights. Yes, this book is a professional manual on employment and selecting the perfect position. But it also envisions the affect the entire 24-hour day can have on you and your entire life. Years ago the United States Army came out with a slogan a€œBe All You Can Bea€. I cana€™t say it any better. If you fulfill all exercises and are honest with your approach to lifea€™s objectives, you will become a better person than you ever thought possible. This also applies in the work force regardless of where you are on the ladder of success. As a writer I want you to find success and happiness. This is a chance for you to have a self-conducted, sophisticated evaluation. It is important to be confident and not fear the exercises. Keep in mind that your employment position takes about 40 percent of your time. You must be pleased with the other 60 percent of your life also. This Guide will challenge you to achieve and help you discover your worth. The results of your efforts will make you proud. Your cover letter, resume, profile and references will showcase you as never before. This book will help you learn of what you want from life. It requires hard work, concentration and determination. It also offers a wonderful reward for those taking this challenge seriously and concludes with success. It costs a few dollars for the book, but the knowledge presented within the book is free for you to keep and to improve on. I wish you great success.The reason for four personal and four professional references is so that you dona#39;t have six or eight companies or ... a list of references that will either be a professional or personal reference and those that would write letters on your behalf.

Title:A Guide For a Job Search-Keys for Moving Up
Author:David Lasswell
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-05-24


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