A guide to Kansas mushrooms

A guide to Kansas mushrooms

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This book is a guide to the fungi of Kansas. It will familiarize you with some of the most common and some of the most beautiful of the state's fungal flora. But it is designed to do much more. It will introduce you to a variety of ways to enjoy mushrooms. For most people they are things of beauty and wonder, to be discovered unexpectedly on a walk in the woods; some try to preserve and communicate their sense of awe on film; others only want to find delectable morsels for the table; a few strive to find rarities or to identify mysterious strangers. This book will help you take the first steps in all these approaches to the world of mushrooming.Cordyceps ophioglossoides Edibility unknown Although most species of Cordyceps parasitize insects, C. ophioglossoides attacks another fungus, namely the Deer Truffle, Elaphomyces, which grows underground. In Kansas, fruiting bodiesanbsp;...

Title:A guide to Kansas mushrooms
Author:Bruce Horn, Richard Kay, Dean Abel
Publisher:Univ Pr of Kansas - 1993-04


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