A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

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Ita€™s often been said that a bad day of fishing beats the best day at work. But what happens when fishing is your work? In A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living, author and career fisherman Corky Decker recaps his lifelong fishing adventures. From his start as a young boy intrigued by the sea working for tips on party sport fishing boats out of Ogunquit, Maine, to captaining a multimillion-dollar factory trawler that fished Alaskan waters, his stories of successes and failures provide an insidera€™s look at the lives of men and women who go to sea to fish. The story demonstrates why commercial fishing is not just a job, but a way of life. In this memoir, Decker tells of trawling and harpooning bluefin tuna on the East Coast until the lure of Alaska found him walking the docks of Kodiak in 1985; he recounts his experiences of the fisheries he worked in Alaska. A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living underscores the continual controversy between the fishing industry and fisheries management and the influence of foreigners in US waters.From what we were hearing on the radio, no other fish were being caught or even seen, yet we had two in the boat and one out. ... The other boat never even saw the fish when Eric spotted the bunch it was chasing pop up right behind them.

Title:A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living
Author:Corky Decker
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-02-24


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