A Hero Walks Alone

A Hero Walks Alone

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Heroes are not made; theya€™re born with the gift of having special powers that many of us only dream about. Wrongly judged not only by authorities but also by his own father, Fabian Barnaa€™s life dramatically changes after being wrongly convicted and jailed for a crime he didna€™t commit before becoming a hero in the Vietnam War. A Hero Walks Alone tells of the hardships the Barna family are forced to endure after being persecuted by the Aconi family, which began as soon as they planted their feet on American soil and continued through to the adulthood. This story takes you through a journey of how (against all odds) the Barna family survived years of torment and Mafia-related incidents, before becoming outstanding citizens. It tells of the transformation of Fabian Barna from once being a mixed-up street kid to becoming a true American hero and how he discovers love and romance in spite of the brutality he witnesses during his growing years. It also reminds us of the ever-growing supply of cocaine and assorted drugs being introduced into our streets and how Special Agent Peter Barna (Fabiana€™s brother) plays his part by introducing new technology to Central Intelligence, routing plans of criminals aspiring to become the next Al Capone. Finally, A Hero Walks Alone tells of the many twists and turns played out by two brothers as Fabian and Peter Barna combine to avenge the death of their murdered parents as they pursue, capture, and eliminate their long time archenemy, Tosawi Aconi, in what can only be described as the most bizarre ending of a persona€™s life.It was expected that this case was cutanddry, but as Peter sat beside his sister holding her hand anticipating a sentence of many years behind bars for the Aconia#39;s, she ... Judging by their faces, faces that she had witnessed many times over in a court of law herself, she remarked, a#39;Ia#39;m beginning to get a bad feel ... a#39; And what of the charge of murder, how do you find? ... a#39;Having been found guilty of attempted robbery, I sentence you Tosawi and Guido Aconi to serve two years in jail withanbsp;...

Title:A Hero Walks Alone
Author:George Cassar
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-05-20


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