A Humorous Account of America's Past: 1898 to 1945

A Humorous Account of America's Past: 1898 to 1945

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In 1898, the United States became an empire by accident due to our a€œsplendid little wara€ against Spain. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the most famous men in America were not athletes or politicians; they were inventors and businessmen like Bell, Edison, Morgan, and Rockefeller. Teddy Roosevelt built the Panama Canal, launched the Great White Fleet, and became a Bull Moose. Woodrow Wilson was reelected in 1916 because a€œHe Kept Us Out of War!a€ World War I began as a family feud between three European cousins named Georgie, Willie, and Nicky. The a€œWar to end all warsa€ set the stage for World War II. Americaa€™s first female President was Edith Wilson, and our first Black President was possibly Warren Harding. Aside from Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh, Al Capone, Sigmund Freud, Emily Post, or Sinclair Lewisa€™ novels and Hollywooda€™s movies, Calvin Coolidge personified the a€œRoaring Twenties.a€ Following the Stock Market Crash, FDRa€™s New Deal and his a€œfireside chatsa€ helped up survive a€œHoovervilles, a€ but it took World War II to end the Great Depression. What happened between Pearl Harbor and the Atomic Bomb? Read my book.Woodrow Wilson, a Virginia-born son of a Presbyterian minister, a Princeton graduate who later became President of that Ivy League university, and then was elected Governor of New Jersey, was the ideal candidate they were searching for . ... made a fatal mistake: He followed his mothera#39;s advice when she demanded that he act like a king andstand up to those colonists! ... And so Taft not only denounced Roosevelt and his New Nationalism, he even out-trust-busted the trust-buster.

Title:A Humorous Account of America's Past: 1898 to 1945
Author:Richard T. Stanley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-02


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