A Journey Through Genetics

A Journey Through Genetics

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A Journey Through Genetics is designed to take the reader on an incredible journey to explore the exciting discoveries in genetics and molecular biology. In Part I, the reader will embark on a genetic odyssey starting with the qqFather of Genetics, qq Gregor Mendel, leading on to the amazing story of photo 51 and the discovery of the structure of the DNA double helix, and culminating with the invention of one of the most powerful tools in molecular biology: the polymerase chain reaction. The reader will discover the stories behind the science of genetics while going behind the scenes to take a glimpse into the lives of pioneering scientists and will ultimately come to understand that people are just as important as the science they undertake to do. In short, scientists are human too! This book is targeted toward undergraduate non-majors and also as a qqcompanionqq to a standard genetics textbook for Biology majors. The book will also be useful for anyone that wants to understand the stories behind the science of genetics.Chargaff did not take the pair seriously or as serious contenders to solve the structure of DNA. ... this new data, and on the (non) scientific principal that the a€œ best things in nature come in pairsa€ Watson decides to build 2 chain models of DNA.

Title:A Journey Through Genetics
Author:Karobi Moitra
Publisher:Biota Publishing - 2013-12-01


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