A Life Fully Lived

A Life Fully Lived

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A Life Fully Lived (Loving Hildegard) is the story of an immigrant family. Hildegard, a young university graduate, meets an architect from Germany. They both immigrate to Canada and start their life together as professionals in Vancouver, BC. They try to contribute creatively to their new environment. Hildegard gives up her profession as a teacher and devotes her time and energy to her family bringing up three children in the turbulent sixties and seventies, the time of draft dodgers, hippies and Jesus people. After the children left home and she withdrew from her church, Hildegard goes through a period of self evaluation. Searching in feminism, mythology and spirituality she finds her identity as a woman with new visions and responsibilities. Exploring new territories, she discovers a way to express herself in art She is drawn to a Mennonite fellowship where she feels valued and accepted and to which she can contribute creatively. She and her husband share enjoyable and adventurous retirement activities, exploring the beauty and diversity of this world. At the age of seventy-three, Hildegard is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, unexpectedly for her and as a shock for her family. Her tranquil preparation for dying is moving and amazing for doctors and all those who knew her. A Life Fully lived, Loving Hildegard, is written by Hildegard's husband in memory of her.The border guards are not so fussy this time. They look in the back of the camper and after filling out some forms, stating how much money we spent in Poland, let us through. We are back in ... We still want to make some visits in the area. Only half an hour from Hillerse is Handorf, the village where my mother and I had lived before we came to Canada. The children want to see ... They named their fifth son Helmut and asked me if I would be willing to be his godfather. Now they live inanbsp;...

Title:A Life Fully Lived
Author:Helmut Lemke
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-10-26


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