A Long Road Home

A Long Road Home

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a€˜We are strangers who meet in hell, a€™ shea€™d written to him in her first letter: a€˜We need hide nothing from one another.a€™ But now that hell has disappeared, it might not be so easy not to hide. A Long Road Home follows the love and brief laughter, the silences and the haunting of a couple returning from the a€˜Great Wara€™ a€“ Harry and Annie who find their old worlds no longer relevant to their experience. They have to create new lives for themselves, first in a Mexico recovering from civil war, then in Italy a€“ where they will witness and experience the rise of fascism and its brutality. For Harry these are also years when conscience and retribution pursue him. For during that Great War he had committed murder: he knew, Annie knew and the Emma Pips also know. Is his old enemy, redcap Ginger, not still hunting him down? Part 2 of 5 in the Harry Cardwell Series.... at one end, Ja#39;siah and the two Mexicans at the other, both Paco and Carlos introducing themselves again with grins, shaking hands to say thank you for the day, ... of the building, a new attachment to a white church and treelined cloister on a hill above the sea, buildings they called a#39;Spanish Missionsa#39; in California. ... a€œIa#39; d have liked you in my Section, on my Lewis gun, a€ Harry told him as he watched andanbsp;...

Title:A Long Road Home
Author:John Howlett
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-06-22


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