A Lot of Life - Is Winning It All Worth Losing Everything?

A Lot of Life - Is Winning It All Worth Losing Everything?

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Caleb was an average guy with average guy problems. He never seemed to have enough money, he hated his job, and he hated his live-in girlfriend. He felt trapped and he didn't know what to do. Everyone needs a little help once in a while. Coming home late from work on a Saturday night to his inebriated girlfriend was the last thing in his life he needed. After yet another blowout fight, he escapes to the home of his two best friends. Spending his last $41 on cheap beer, cigarettes and a lottery ticket seemed like a great reason to drink himself into a coma. Upon his return the following morning to his apartment, with a hangover riding shotgun, he discovers that his girlfriend has packed up and left him. His best girl-friend, Delaney, decides to take him out for brunch to cheer him up. During so, he discovers a new fortune that awaits him: He won the lottery. So an average guy is now thrown into a not-so-average lifestyle. While learning to balance his new fortune and old life, new challenges are dropped at his feet. He rarely makes the best decisions and ends up alienating his best friends, his closest girl-friend, and his family. Throughout his short qspiritualq journey he tries to understand himself, women, and the meaning of life. A Lot of Life is a fun read with elements of dark humor. It explores some of the qwhat ifsq some of us have fantasized about, if we ever won the lottery. It tackles issues of self-esteem, spirituality, carnal hunger, and excessive gluttony in life. I'm not sure how many of us would do the right thing when presented with some hedonistic options. Caleb is just another guy in his strange new world. Keywords: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Adult Humor, Dark Humor, Lottery, Lottery WinnerFor example, wearing a concert t-shirt from 1987 tells me that you peaked, or at least you think you peaked in high school. ... two-piece suit with highly shined shoes and a belt that he would be embarrassed to tell his mother how much it cost.

Title:A Lot of Life - Is Winning It All Worth Losing Everything?
Author:Kyle Mathis
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2014-10-22


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