A Lousy Start

A Lousy Start

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Prior to the stock market crash in 1929, Holland was a prosperous country where its people enjoyed secure futures or so they thought. After the world's economic collapse, millions were forced into a poverty-stricken existence where every day was a struggle to survive. A Lousy Start shares one family's vivid impressions of living in Holland during the Great Depression and the lasting impact those experiences had on their lives. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Arie Demerwe worked hard and was paid very little, but still managed to put food on his table. Sent to fight in the war of 1918, Arie finally returned to his hometown where he began working again only to see everything change again after the end of World War I. As the people of Holland enjoyed wealth they assumed would last forever, dark changes loomed ahead. When the sun rose on October 23, 1929, no one had a clue that tragedy would strike by day's end. For the next ten years, a hostile world would transform even the most religious people into thieves and liars. As one family fought to stay alive in a bleak existence, each of them learned valuable life lessons they would carry with them forever.After they lived four years in their house, the town ofYselmonde decided to put in electric lamp posts for the streets. The old gas ... Those coin meters were a nuisance, when you were reading the newspaper and the light went out. When theanbsp;...

Title:A Lousy Start
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-11


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