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This book will help the private investigator reevaluate business opportunities and identify goals for the future. The world of the private investigator is constantly changing due to the introduction of various legal requirements that have restricted or eliminated some of the methods available for obtaining information such as the various privacy protection acts. Additionally, most private investigators have restricted their business activities to a response mode; that is, conducting inquiries after an incident has occurred. Their preventive skills have been ignored to their financial detriment. As restrictions continue to be placed on private investigative activities, private investigators need to reevaluate personal skills and discover how these may relate to expanding their services. This book provides the necessary information for learning about these new skill areas and provides the necessary strategies for their implementation. Some of the topics cover crime and loss prevention strategies, risk assessment, and prevention strategies. Many other topics are also covered such as that of the expert witness. This is not a difficult status to attain but requires unique skill sets and experience and can be highly lucrative. Crises management is another skill set that is explored here. It not only identifies potential risk areas through risk assessment activities but includes development and implementation of preventive measures and shows how the private investigator can assist in restoring business operations to their normal levels. This book will be of enormous help to private investigators who wish to develop these sophisticated investigative business skills and preventive services in order to meet these challenges for surviving and thriving in this modern age industry.Just because it is an LG phone does not mean that we can do the same thing with one model that we can do with another. As well, a 3G iPhone is different from a 4G iPhone, and in fact, the forensics can differ between versions of 3G! Our lab has literally hundreds of cables just to allow us to connect to any device that comes our way. By the ... One of the most frequent comments received from a perspective customer who wants a cellular device analyzed, is a€œWhy does it cost so much?

Author:William F. Blake
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2013-02-01


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