A Manual of Sixteenth-century Contrapuntal Style

A Manual of Sixteenth-century Contrapuntal Style

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This volume explores the expressive power of sixteenth-century vocal polyphony, giving special emphasis to the development of aural familiarity with the style. Every element of sixteenth-century counterpoint is defined, described, and liberally illustrated, included for analysis and singing are complete compositions and movements by Palestrina, Lasso, Victoria, Byrd, Morales, and Joaquin.To facilitate the reading of the music, this manual will employ only the familiar treble and bass clefs, with the tenor voices designated by the treble clef with subscript 8, indicating that the actual sound is an octave lower. ... The Dorian series of pitches can be found by starting on scale step 2 of C major, the Phrygian by starting on 3, and the others in order ... It can be helpful in developing aural recognition of the individual modes to compare them with the familiar major and minor scales.

Title:A Manual of Sixteenth-century Contrapuntal Style
Author:Charlotte Smith
Publisher:University of Delaware Press - 1989-01-01


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