A Mind Forever Voyaging

A Mind Forever Voyaging

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An engaging and entertaining read for veteran gamers and curious newcomers alike, A MindForever Voyaging traces the evolution of interactive video games by examining 13 landmarktitles that challenged convention and captured players' imaginations worldwide. Alternativegaming blogger Dylan Holmes focuses on games that tell stories in innovative and fascinatingways and examines the opportunitiesa€”and challengesa€”presented when players are giventhe ability to direct how a story plays out. From the text-based adventure ofPlanetfall andthe interactive cinema of Heavy Rain to the one-act play ofFaAsade and the simulated world ofShenmue, Holmes showcases the diversity of video game stories that have emerged in the last30 years. Along the way, he addresses such questions as: a€cHow did the introduction of moral choices in video games change the playing field? a€cWhat film techniques have enhanced (or detracted from!) the gaming experience? a€cCan video games aspire to be art? [Hint: Yes!] a€cWhat are the benefits, pitfalls, and unintended consequences of players' qright tochooseq? a€cWill the robot Floyd make you cry? Critical analysis, historical perspective, and a gently opinionated personal touch makeA MindForever Voyaging an enlightening read that captures the best that video games have to offer.... into it at www.gog.com. Just set up a free account, download, and youa#39;re good to go. This release also includes digital copies of the manual, spellbook, and map a€”absolutely necessary for playing the game. the secret of monkey islandanbsp;...

Title:A Mind Forever Voyaging
Author:Dylan Holmes
Publisher:Dylan Holmes - 2012


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