A Modern Dog’s Life

A Modern Dog’s Life

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What do dogs value? Why do they get so excited by their daily walks? And why may dogs of different breeds have different needs? Veterinarian, professor of animal behavior, and dog lover Dr. Paul McGreevy answers these questions and many more. He takes readers on a walk in the paws of mana€™s best friend to illuminate the challenges and confusions faced by dogs in the modern world. Filled with humor, easy-to-follow instructions, and memorable characters (including a€œUncle Wolfa€ and a€œFeral Cheryla€), A Modern Doga€™s Life will help you better understand your dog with: Insights from recent studies on how dogs see, smell, and experience the world Explanations of canine behavior, with over 40 photos of dogs in action Tips on everything from petting dogs to calming them at the veta€™s User-friendly training techniques that build skills gradually and keep dogs motivated Dr. McGreevy offers an exciting new approach to training a dog: By acting as a a€œlife coacha€a€”rather than an a€œalpha doga€ or a€œparenta€a€”and by reimagining a€œtraininga€ as a fun opportunity for you and your dog to grow closer and learn new skills, you can greatly improve your doga€™s quality of lifea€”and teach good behavior at the same time.... has been used to put humans in touch with one another, and now perhaps ita#39;s time for our dogs to hook-up, too (see, ... on a lap; vets were largely trained as physicians for horses and production animals, and pet food meant dog biscuits.

Title:A Modern Dog’s Life
Author:Paul McGreevy
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 2010-05-18


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