A Modern Theory of Evolution

A Modern Theory of Evolution

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While the discoveries of modern academia have deconstructed and replaced all of Victorian science in detail we remain addicted to the Darwinian theory of biological evolution. Darwinists bicker with their dialectical counterpart, Creationism, as if nothing else could possibly exist. Is it not past time for us to evolve into the 21st century and reflect the database of modern science, or is this yet another cultural institution that is too big to fail? Letters of Recommendation a€œI thoroughly enjoy your writing and your play with ideas. Dare I confess that I keep your book on my night table and sample it at the end of the evening to settle my mind for sleep. I am pleased to know you as my former student.a€ Walter J. Freeman III, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley a€œThank you for your most enjoyable MS. A lovely piece: scholarly and entertaining, witty-ironic and educational, comic and playful, fine-tuned psychologically and easily flowing-streaming...a€ Roland Fischer, Department of Philosophy, University of the Balearic Islands As a microbiologist, I must say that it is impeccable.a€ Mario Vaneechoutte, Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital, Ghent a€œThe kind of work you are doing, which has merit in itself, is not appreciated by any run-of-the-mill academic unit in Universities that I know.a€ Roger Hahn, Department of History, University of California, BerkeleyUnlike any other bird, pigeons and their smaller relatives the doves can swallow water without the need to tip back their heads. ... Most tropicalpigeons are dark- colored birds and stay hidden in the forest canopy. ... As soon as one parent returned from foraging, it replaced the other parent sitting on the nest. pigeons iN areanbsp;...

Title:A Modern Theory of Evolution
Author:Carl J. Becker
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-04-09


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