A N00b’s Guide to WordPress

A N00b’s Guide to WordPress

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Ask most bloggers what they use, and theya€™ll say a€œBlogger.a€ And why shouldna€™t they? Blog is right smack in the title. And Google owns it, and we all love Google, right? Blogger is also ridiculously simplea€”so simple that any dummy with a computer can use it, which is how, as a matter of fact, so many crazy people get on syndicated news shows (hint: if you want to get on a syndicated news show, just say something crazy and far-fetched). So Blogger...wait! This book isna€™t about Blogger! If Blogger is so ridiculously simple why would anyone want to use WordPress? Easy: because WordPress can put Bloggers blogsack in a knot if the two go fist to cuffs. WordPress is powered by fancy things like PHP and MySQL, and if often used as a CMS in web design. Not sure what those words mean? Wea€™ll get that shortly, but for now just understand that they are unbelievably powerful. If you want to create a blog about different socks your grandma has sewn you for Christmas, then Bloggera€™s a pretty good fita€”but if you want to create a blog thata€™s knock your socks off gorgeous, then read on and wea€™ll show you how. Before continuing, be forewarneda€”this is not an in depth manual that covers the tiniest details about WordPress; this is a handbook for starters who want to master it quickly or just want to know what ita€™s all about. We are going to tell you everything you need to know in a way that you can understand.Simply go to http://wordpress.com and click the a#39;Get Starteda#39; button. In the blog address bar, type the domain name you wish to use. You can have virtually any address for free, as long as it ends with a#39;wordpress.coma#39;. For an additional $17, youanbsp;...

Title:A N00b’s Guide to WordPress
Author:BookCaps, Erin Micheletti
Publisher:BookCaps Study Guides - 2011


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