A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert

A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert

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qThis fine book offers one-stop shopping for authoritative answers to all your questions about a most wonderful place, the Sonoran Desert. Bees, birds, beetles, biodiversity, all right here in one place in accessible prose. Who can ask for more than that?q--John Alcock, author of In a Desert Garden qDefinitive and delightful--a fabulous compendium of facts and experiences written by the most knowledgable scholars in the field. This encyclopedic guide will make desert rats out of those who aren't already.q--Ann H. Zwinger, author of Run, River, Run qOnce in a generation, a guide to understanding a major North American landscape comes along. This book is such a touchstone, sure to become a classic. The emphasis here is on biodiversity, mutualism, co-evolution, and, especially, ethno-relationships--the long history of connection between desert peoples and their homeland, on both sides of the border. This book gives desert dwellers everything they need to develop the crucial awareness, to say, 'This is a remarkable place, filled with astonishing creatures and processes. We must act now, with fierceness and tenderness, or it will be gone.'q--Stephen Trimble, author of The Sagebrush OceanSome dens may have as many as 7 to 10 entrance holes, making it appear that there are more kit foxes than there really are. ... Both parents feed them, bringing a steady diet of kangaroo rats for 5 or 6 months a€” then the young / o foxes are on their own. ... The Mexican wolf (Canis lupus spp. baileyi) was not a desert animal hut did inhahit the mountainous areas, woodlands, and riparian hahitats of theanbsp;...

Title:A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert
Author:Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (Tucson, Ariz.)
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2000


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