A Neuropsychologist's Journal

A Neuropsychologist's Journal

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Drawing on case studies from the areas of neuropsychology as well as developmental, rehabilitation, and medical psychology, this book distills nearly 40 years of Dr. Judith Guedaliaa€™s interventional stylesa€”christened a€œJudi-ismsa€ by the authora€”and highlights the intersection between psychology and Judaism. These interventional styles, as well as the remarkable case studies, are complemented by useful advice that readers at all levels of interest can incorporate into their own lives.a€œ(3) Get rid of text messaging on your cell phones.a€ Now they are both screaming at me. a€œWhat if there is an emergency?!a€ a€œCall each other on the phone, the cell or landline phone. No, and I mean no text messaging to each other or to anyone!

Title:A Neuropsychologist's Journal
Author:Judith Bendheim Guedalia
Publisher:Urim Publications - 2012-09-01


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