A New Jersey Anthology

A New Jersey Anthology

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An absolutely superb collection in every aspect, the second edition of A New Jersey Anthology covers all of the chronological and topical bases with remarkable comprehensiveness. Its contributions are not only appropriate to the purpose of the book; they have the additional merit of being very significant pieces of scholarship on their own, not only in the history of New Jersey but in American history in general. . . . Maxine Lurie's illuminating headnotes for each article, which include not only shrewd interpretive insights but also bibliographical references, set this book significantly apart. In short, this is an excellent anthology, professionally done. . . . Anyone who teaches in New Jersey will want to own a copy of the book, use it, and assign significant parts of it. This anthology contains seventeen essays covering eighteenth-century agrarian unrest, the Revolutionary War, politics in the Jackson era, feminism and the women's movements, slavery from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, strikes and labor struggles, land use and regional planning issues, Blacks in Newark, the current political state of New Jersey, and more. The contributors are Michal R. Belknap, Lynn W. Dorsett, Gregory Evans Dowd, Charles E. Funnell, Steve Golin, Maxine N. Lurie, Richard P. McCormick, Gary Mitchell, Simeon F. Moss, Marie Marmo Mullaney, Mary R. Murrin, Gerald M. Pomper, Clement A. Price, Thomas L. Purvis, Daniel Schaffer, Warren E. Stickle III, Maurice Tandler.It is a common assumption that slavery was abolished at an early period in the northern states. Few persons realize how long slavery persisted in New Jersey. In fact, slavery in New Jersey was not completely abolished until the adoption of theanbsp;...

Title:A New Jersey Anthology
Author:Maxine N. Lurie
Publisher:Rutgers University Press - 2010-01-27


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