A New Perspective Universal Edition

A New Perspective Universal Edition

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A New Understanding of Perspective for All Visual Art Forms Including: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Motion Picture and Video Game Design www.perspective-book.com The most complete perspective book written, included are topics not typically covered; like motion, color, thinking in three dimensions, setting up shots, audio, portraying people, lenses a perspective and distortion. This book also corrects dozens of misconceptions perpetuated for centuries. And until now, few materials were available to professionals in: [ photography [ motion picture (directing, camerawork, visual effects, set design and animation) [ video game design [ computer graphics (website design, software design and graphic design) Two editions are available: [ UNIVERSAL EDITION [ PHOTOGRAPHY a FILMMAKING EDITIONWith 25mm to an inch, an 800mm telephoto lens focal length would be 32 inches long. Ifthat were really half the length ofa lens, this would make it over five feet! But due to ... Although focal length does come into play a bit when calculating depth of field, it is mainly emphasized as a way of measuring magnification4. Focal length is ... LENS DISTORTION Even a camera cannot take perfect images. Despite.

Title:A New Perspective Universal Edition
Author:Steven Aguilera
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2008


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