A New Way Home

A New Way Home

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A journey into the heart of contemporary America. A profane iconoclasm. A cynical critique of who and what we are as a group of people on Earth. Call it what you will, qA New Way Homeq will surely challenge your views of what it is to be human. Racism, sexism, drug use, economic collapse, religion, philosophy, existence, outer space, history, war, freedom, fame, fortune, and folly.All things to ponder on your way home.The Earth is a big lonely rock kickin' it around the Sun, having a good old time floating through the vast nothing of outer space. We're all stuck on the rock together whether we like it or not.... of what ita#39;s like. Therea#39;s dirt everywhere. From your boots, from your clothes, from the climbing gear, from everything. Our first stop was South Dakota to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and hopefully do a bit of climbing at the needles.

Title:A New Way Home
Author:Zachary Kyle Elmblad
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-07-07


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