A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

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An innocent proposal? Until now, Cassia Browning had lived rather a sheltered life with her father in Spain. However, she could still recognize a dangerous man when she met one, and SimA³n, MarquAcs de MondragA³n, was just that. Apart from being alarmingly attractive, he was seldom ever seen without a glamorous escort. What was more, SimA³n had a proposition for her. Cassia wasn't sure exactly what the marquAcs was going to proposea€”but she had no doubt that his intentions would be strictly dishonorablea€b. Another treat from this timeless author!a#39;Do you like your fathera#39;s work?a#39; he asked ... Nor did he express his own reaction except to say, a#39;Therea#39;s a lot of luck involved in an artist being successful in his lifetime. Where did you and your father live before you came to Spain?a#39; a#39;Lots of ... much I wanted to watch. We didna#39;t ... Thank you for carrying the fiowers for me.

Title:A Night To Remember
Author:Anne Weale
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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