A Palette, Not a Portrait

A Palette, Not a Portrait

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This memoir starts with humorous but honest glimpses of this mostly middle class and mostly African American North Carolina family. It contains revealing stories about the authora€™s life at Yale from 1948 to 1952 and his unusual experiences in the military. The setting then shifts to Detroit and descriptions of involvement in the numbers racket, fighting off rivals for the hand of his wife of now 52 years and becoming the 65th African American CPA in the nation. The sections that recount his return to North Carolina in 1962 are filled with insights on black business, the civil rights and anti-poverty struggles, Historically Black Colleges, social and civic organizations and his pioneering work in public practice and in the regulation of public accountancy nationally. The concluding sections are an essay on his quest to understand God and religion and a thoughtful dialogue on love and marriage.... a three-story hotel, a printing company and dozens of service and retail establishments that provided automobile gas and repair, groceries, building construction and repair, food service, dry cleaning, burial service and transportation service.

Title:A Palette, Not a Portrait
Author:Nathan Garrett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-08-30


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