A Patchwork of Old Spies

A Patchwork of Old Spies

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Zach asked Josie what she really thought of the present state of affairs. a€œIa€™m tempted to use that line from my favorite movie, a€˜Frankly, my dear, I dona€™t give a damn.a€™a€ a€œOkay, Scarlet. But surely you are concerned over whata€™s been going on. That famous memory of yours must be putting ... what do you call them? Oh, yes, patches. Arena€™t you putting two and two together and getting five? Thata€™s what you usually do.a€ It was Josiea€™s turn to laugh. a€œHonestly, Zach, what Ia€™m putting together reads like a script for a bad spy movie. We have nothing but red herrings, a mishmash of motley characters from various parts of the globe, more spies than villains, an attempted kidnapping, a fistfight, a car chase, a car blown up, a car accident, an escape on a motorcycle, nefarious thugs, virtuous good guys, covert agencies falling over covert agencies, a safe house or hideout, as the case may be, drug smuggling, romantic intrigue, false passports, not to mention changing locales: an offshore bank, an Irish pub, a travel plaza, a small animal hospital, and marinas up and down the east coast. We even have a plateful of old ops: Seagull, Mulberry Bush, Polaris. Ia€™ve even had to revisit the Patches program. The inmates are running the asylum.a€ a€œSo you think wea€™re being set up?a€ a€œThata€™s what bothers me. Just what are we doing in this particular script? Why Chipley Island? Why round up all these old spies? Why here?a€Ita#39;s not so much the question mark as an interrogation point, but the direction of the tail. ... a€œThat does make sense. ... a€œMac is or was the spy worlda#39;s best sniper, yet in a house, an enclosed area, he shoots at Miss Lindy and merely wounds her.

Title:A Patchwork of Old Spies
Author:Gini Anding
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-05-11


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