A Perfect Man

A Perfect Man

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How far will she go to find her perfect man? How far will he go to be one? When Karen Hardeman sets foot on the Foothills University campus, ita€™s her first step toward proving her abusive ex wrong. Just her luck, her first writing assignment in Intro to Romance sends her in search of the perfect heroa€”a quest shea€™s never managed to conquer. Worse, her professor forces her to collaborate with the most overconfident, annoying guy in the class. Seth Sayers is also at Foothills to find new directiona€”preferably one that takes him far away from the family drama thata€™s followed him since his fathera€™s death. He didna€™t mean to humiliate Karen by rewriting her manuscript from the heroa€™s point of view. He blames the painkillers the ER doctor gave him after stitching up a wine-induced cut on his hand. As their collaboration progresses, Karen begins to trust Seth with her manuscript, then maybe a little piece of her heart. But Setha€™s half-brother resurrects Setha€™s suspicions about his fathera€™s death. Until he finds the truth, he cana€™t be the hero in anyonea€™s life. Even his own. Warning: Some alcohol consumption. Okay, writer amounts of alcohol consumption. There are also some adult situations, but nothing too explicit. It is a romance-writing class, after all.a€œDo you need something?a€ a€œIdona#39;t know.a€ Samantha wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands and smeared mascara and eyeliner in raccoon stripes to her hairline. a€œKaren, why didna#39;t you just lie about outlining? It would have saved us all aanbsp;...

Title:A Perfect Man
Author:Cecilia Dominic
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2015-05-12


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