A Persian Odyssey

A Persian Odyssey

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Every good traveler plans his or her itinerary carefully to use time well and benefit as much as possible from the trip. I did not have an agenda, however. I wanted to travel Middle Eastern style, that is, with no prior planning. It would have been a nuisance to stick to a set timetable in a country that was, except for the language, entirely alien to me. I had decided to spend five weeks in Iran and had certain ideas as to what and whom I wanted to see, but my choices had to be a€œAn la cartea€ a€” one bite at a time. I wanted to feel the pulse of the country by meeting and talking to as many people as possible. I knew that as a man traveling alone in a Moslem country I faced certain limitations. My quest had to be limited to interacting with men, with little exposure to women and their concerns.Above the park was a large modern Westerna€”style building built with green glass: the Tabriz Pars Hotel. I climbed the many stairs to this hotel. My effort was well ... One of them gave me a freshly printed, glossy brochure, a€œfor your next visit. a€ I went to rest ... The management, obviously trying to build a modern image, considered traditional Persiana€”style tea too gauche for a classy Western establishment.

Title:A Persian Odyssey
Author:Rami Yelda
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-07-18


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