A Plague on Both Houses

A Plague on Both Houses

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Ben Adams is an ordinary Midwesterner living well in Saint Louis: an upscale house with the requisite white picket fence, the loving wife and kids and a good job with potential. But it's not enough. Ben feels compelled to equalize his life's balance sheet by making terrorists pay for his brother's death. He can't see that it will cost him nearly everything and everyone he loves.Ben could see a young man, middle eastern, parking a shopping cart along the front window. ... Ben heard a smattering of anticipation from the back tables rising over the clanging kitchen noises. ... They tried to keep it inconspicuous, but they were all as excited as if theya#39;d just ran into an long-lost childhood playmate. Ben tried to get a good look at the baggage. He hadna#39;t been able to see the suitcases as hea#39;d come in, since he carried them low, under the edge of the partition which anbsp;...

Title:A Plague on Both Houses
Author:Zack Highstreet
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2008-11


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