A Political Education Life Arts Project

A Political Education Life Arts Project

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A professional (well cited) introduction to local politics with the state, national and international connections made evident. The book endeavors to make political understanding accessible and digestible to those least interested or inclined to study it. Social and political empowerment is the benchmark, with a sense of humor and satire. Chapters are divided to present thoughts and feelings in different writing genre (essay, letters, diary, and poetry). The book champions experience over research and creativity or passivity. The emphasis is on progressive thought appropriate for communities of color. The book suggests that contrary thinking is productive in a capitalistic democracy.Wonder how many airings I missed? ... If one believes that, however, one would have to believe also that people are watching those other political shows ... Fresh from his termination from now non-Black owned BET, the political commentator asked of African-Americans, a€œDo you have the courage to make America better?

Title:A Political Education Life Arts Project
Author:Dale Drakeford
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-01-01


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