A Powercopaths Journey Book One Supreme Crusader World Order

A Powercopaths Journey Book One Supreme Crusader World Order

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(1st Person POV Where Realism gets smashed by Fiction and Fantasy), Mr Sai Borg is a Martial Artist with his own fight system. His fighting skills are needed as he fights the Rouge Black Gold Companies. The story line in this 1st book introduces Mr. Borg. His employer, Pops, is the President of the World Order. He is also aided by Granma. She is the brains behind the World Order. (See her introduction at www.50upfitness.com). She is assisted by a Russian retired Cold War Nuclear Physicist Mr. Stargazer. He becomes the Head Physicist at Area 52, where the 2nd Fusion Reactor Relay Complex is. He is developing fusion engines, space craft, iion suits for their space colonization program, to save humanity from this dying planet. Eventually, there will be 5x Supreme Crusaders representing each of the 5x continents of the World. Sai must battle the disbelievers, anti-World Order groups and rogue Black Gold Companies to help the World Order. All the Crusaders including Sai wear a protective suit. It is called the iion suit. (Pronounced Eon). Granma and her team of technicians design and produce those suits and the pulse weapons to go with them. They also produce electric engines, Aero Jets with their pulse engines, Skimmers, Roos sticks, Jet packs, sponge shoes. All these items are produced using alternate energy sources. No use of oil, coal or gas. Book one introduces some of the main characters and the main aims of the World Order. How the W.O. will slowly spread its influence throughout the World, - Mainly with developing its alternative energy sources. This book has many connotations, with its tongue in cheek approach to Politics, through its reported WTF TV and Head Cover TV news broadcasts. HINT: Sai gets blown up in Chapter 4; however, the reader is lead to believe that Sai is okay?? a€“ So can you spot the subtle hints from Chapter 4 to Chapter 14, therefore...The door is unlocked, I enter what is best described as a CAN, it might as well be, A little bit wider and longer than a CAN, but it does have ... I have a shower, dry off and grab a change of clothes from my clothes rack. ... I like doing double blocks and strikes, I dona#39;t like the aluminum ones, too light. ... A kitchen, which is a no frills do it yourself one, that is, clean up afterwards or face one hundred press ups.

Title:A Powercopaths Journey Book One Supreme Crusader World Order
Author:Tampered Morph
Publisher:Tampered Morph -


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