A Preface to Logic

A Preface to Logic

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Over the past two centuries the field of logic has developed at an explosive pace into new areas far removed from the traditional syllogism and formal proof. The purpose of this well-known introductory treatment is to chart, clearly and lucidly, this new domain of today's vastly sophisticated logic. Author Morris R. Cohen explores qthe periphery of logic, the relations of logic to the rest of the universe, the philosophical presuppositions which give logic its meaning, and the applications which give it importance.q Beginning with an exploration of the traditional scope of logic as the medium of formal proofs, the text pursues a modern investigation of the relationship between logic and the mind, logic and speech, logic in metaphor and fictionaۥand most significantly, logic and the concept of abstract reasoning as applied to the empirical world. Additional topics include logic and statistical method, probability, and scientific models. Concise and highly readable, this volume is suitable for college undergraduates and other readers interested in logic. 1944 edition.To sum up: The attempt to make logic a matter of syntax of words assumes the primacy of words as essential to language. This obviously is false. We can convey information without the use of words in any way, for example, through the derisive laugh, or other forms of non-verbal expression. ... Words and Sentences 51.

Title:A Preface to Logic
Author:Morris R. Cohen
Publisher:Courier Dover Publications - 2015-01-05


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