A Project Guide to Forces and Motion

A Project Guide to Forces and Motion

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Scientists have known for a long time that things move in predictable patterns. It took an apple falling to help further their knowledge, though. We now know how things move and why. Scientists continue to study motion and the forces that cause it, and you can too! In this book, youa€™ll learn about pushes and pulls and different types of energy. The next time you play soccer, youa€™ll be able to use your new scientific knowledge to teach your friends and family why that soccer ball moves the way it does.Colleen Kessler. 3. Use duct tape to secure the fins at even intervals on your bottle so that your rocket can stand upright on its own, with the neck facing downward. ... Carefully put the valve or inflating needle through the hole made by the nail.

Title:A Project Guide to Forces and Motion
Author:Colleen Kessler
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2012


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