A Red in the House

A Red in the House

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What did CBS and ABC not know about Steve Fleischman during his thirty years in network news and why did they not know it? In qA Red in the House, q Stephen Fleischman tells of the political landmines in the mainstream media that marked the Cold War era. qAlthough the Communist Party disintegrated out from under me in the mid-1950s, I found Marxism a valuable tool for analyzing the political and economic world around me. During those thirty years, I worked with the best in mainstream broadcast journalism--Walter Cronkite, Ed Murrow, Fred Friendly, Dan Rather, Howard K. Smith, Eric Sevareid, Peter Jennings, Charles Kuralt, Harry Reasoner, Roone Arledge, Bill Redeker, Brit Hume, and more.q--Stephen Fleischman qA Red in the Houseq is replete with anecdotes and sidebar stories relating to the inner conflicts in the making of the TV news documentary. qA Red in the Houseq portrays a graphic picture of how the mainstream media arrived at the sorry state it's in today. With five corporate media giants controlling most of what we see, hear and read, this story is even more relevant today.By wara#39;s end, he had churned out more than 1 , 400 Liberty ships, freighters and troop carriers for the war effort. He also went into the automobile business, building Kaiser-Frasers and Jeeps for the military. In 1942, Kaiser established the first health maintenance organization for his shipyard employees. The plan evolvedanbsp;...

Title:A Red in the House
Author:Stephen Fleischman
Publisher:Iuniverse Inc - 2004-02-25


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