A Rose Among the Foliage

A Rose Among the Foliage

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Rose Lance struggles every day to move past the emotional pain and trauma of losing her mother in a car accident. By immersing herself in her work at The Green House, her family's plant nursery, she is able to escape the hard reality that her life must go on. When Rusty Pear rides into her life, this quirky young girl learns that true love, like beautiful foliage, is cultivated and grows stronger with time and care. Rose's devotion to her loving God reveals how one person's obedience to God can change the lives of those around them, as well as heal their own hurts. This refreshing story of Rose and Rusty's struggles, temptations, and miscommunications along their journey to become one is a gentle reminder that living life God's way brings the sweetest victories. Let it encourage you to stand up and standout for Him in all you do, like a bright yellow rose among the foliage. About the author: Josie Gwen Williams has spent the majority of her life living in the countryside of eastern Texas. A wife of thirty years, she and her husband, Fredie, have three sons and four grandchildren. This is Mrs. Williams' second novel. Her other works are Shadow Walker: A Shadow of the Past and a children's book entitled Hoppy Finds Friends.Her fivea€”foota€”two inch height did not help much with the higher limbs, so she kept her handy stepladder nearby. As she stood back examining her work, she wiped her brow with the back of her right hand. She had her blonde locks pulled anbsp;...

Title:A Rose Among the Foliage
Author:Josie Gwen Williams
Publisher:Charisma Media - 2005-04


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