A Rose for Liliana

A Rose for Liliana

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Liliana Jacobs the city's Assistant District Attorney walked out of the courtroom with confidence gaining reputation of wins more than losses. But confidence on a personal level proving a challenge all the men in her life seem to have something to prove. When paired with a newly made detective Aubrey Marcelus, she has to keep a civil tongue as they try and solve a murder with very few clues, the evidence nil as who committed such a heinous crime. Will time run out and a murder be unsolved? Watch as clues unfold and these two try and catch the murderer. When Liliana meets this obsequious detective sparks fly. Love slowly developing until she's matched wits with a fast talking, shrewd attorney, Marshall Agee. Who wants more from Liliana, than she is willing to give his persistence pays off when Liliana falls head over heals for him. But even his persuasive charm can't keep her in a commitment. Meanwhile Aubrey falls ill with appendicitis Maureen Bennett a Scottish nurse with a talented bedside manner tends to more than just his needs. Does his true love lie in this beautiful young nurse or will Liliana be his thorn.a€œWait Aubrey I need to get my car, a€ Liliana called after him. a€œOh thata#39;s right.a€ He turned to her. ... dressed in black jeans with a black and white printed bandana tied around her small breasts like a haltera€”top. a€œWhat happened to you, a€ she asked, anbsp;...

Title:A Rose for Liliana
Author:Ellen Mckinney
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-05-01


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