A Rose In Paris

A Rose In Paris

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Book Description Charlene McCloud should be the happiest woman in Peach Grove, Georgia. Yet nothing is as it appears. Her seemingly perfect fiancAc treats their relationship like a business transaction and her position as art director of her local museum has hit a dead end. Charlene feels her talent and her love are going to waste. When an unexpected opportunity arises for her to spend a week in Paris, she welcomes it as perfect timing to re-evaluate her circumstances. She has no idea she is about to embark on an adventure that will change her life forever. A Rose in Paris takes Charlene into the world of Countess Adele DuMont, the owner of an art gallery, who befriends Charlene after a chance encounter at her hotel. Charlenea€™s keen eye for artistic beauty draws her to a small portrait that she is able to acquire with the help of gallery bookkeeper, Emile Becque, who shows a protective concern for her. Little does she know the painting will lead her into a web of danger, deceit, art theft and murder. Charlene also becomes part of a romantic triangle with Jean Paul Deveraux, a handsome, charismatic artist and David Hunter, a friendly American businessman, staying at her hotel. Marie DuPrez, Jean Paula€™s old flame, provides fierce competition. With her chameleon-like personality, is the countess friend or foe? Jean Paula€™s suave exterior cannot hide his volatile temper. Is Davida€™s presence at Charlenea€™s hotel a coincidence, or does he have an ulterior motive? Charlene must rely on her own wiles to protect her startling art discovery because she feels there is no one she can trust. Ultimately, Charlene must decide whether to return home or claim a new life and love. With a ruthless killer stalking her, will she live to make the choice?Did you have a rough day with your French tour guide?a€ a€œYou might say that, a€ Charlene replied, her voice faint. The desk clerk halted their conversation. a€œMr. Hunter ... a€œSleep tight, kiddo.a€ He waited to hear Charlene turn her key in the lock anbsp;...

Title:A Rose In Paris
Author:Lainey Kaye
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-07-07


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