A Royal Flush

A Royal Flush

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LISA KLEINa€™s marriage is dying, and ita€™s a losing battlea€”complicated by an unexpected affair. While on a short trip to California, she gets in the way of a radical fan who tries to shoot rock star Yale Frye. Yale makes it out all right, while Lisa ends up shot. During her hospitalization, she meets the superstar, and their attachment grows into a romantic relationship. But Lisa cana€™t just walk away from her marriage; she has to keep it together in order to shield her two sons. However, once back home in Ohio, she realizes the damage between her and her husband Ronnie is irrevocable. Soon, their divorce is official. Not only does she lose her husband, but she loses the love and respect of her two sons, who take their fathera€™s side. Suddenly, Lisa is so very alone, seeking purpose and direction as a middle-aged divorcAce. In an eff ort to recover her passion for life, Lisa writes a book. Surprisingly, the work is a success. An even bigger surprise is to have Yale Frye back in her life. Yale is an artist, though, and not always solid support. Lisa cana€™t fight the feelings she has for him, and as her career continues to rise, it seems her relationship with Yale begins to plummet. Shea€™s willing to bet high, and through tough times and times of joy, Lisa discovers her personal strength and realizes how far she will go to gamble on love.a€œSue said, dad lost a lot of blood, and hea#39;s AB negative, so they are tying to locate more blood. I guess they have a shortage, or something, of his type of blood. She was ... She hung up and immediately called Harvey. a€œIta#39;s Lisa, Harvey. I needanbsp;...

Title:A Royal Flush
Author:Libbie Richman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-31


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