A Schoolboy's War in Cornwall

A Schoolboy's War in Cornwall

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Although only children at the time, Britain's schoolboys have the memory of living through the Second World War indelibly inscribed on their minds, and now, in their seventies and eighties, they open this treasured box of remembrance for the first time. Living through the Second World War was a unique and difficult experience, but for the nation's schoolboys it was often seen as an exciting adventure. Watching a country preparing for war and then being immersed in total conflict brought encounters and events that some will never forget. In this charming book, Jim Reeve recalls some of his vivid memories of life during the war in Cornwall where he was evacuated and lived with his mother and brother with twenty or thirty other families in the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay. With the same fascination that grips many men of his generation, he recalls some of the extraordinary events he witnessed as a young schoolboy, from witnessing dogfights over the sea and the rescue of airmen to watching Plymouth light up the night's sky in the distance.Living near the docks in London, with ships arriving every day with war material and food, it wasimperative that Stan Masonwas evacuated to ... On the long journey to Cornwall, having never travelledbefore, Stan was fascinated bytherolling countryside andthe animals. ... The train moved and asit did soshe gripped her brothera#39;s hand, remembering her promise to her mother that she would lookafter him.

Title:A Schoolboy's War in Cornwall
Author:Jim Reeve
Publisher:The History Press - 2013-06-01


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