A Spring Affair

A Spring Affair

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When Lou Winter picks up a dog-eared magazine in the dentist's waiting room and spots an article about clearing clutter, she little realises how it will change her life. What begins as an earnest spring clean soon spirals out of control. Before long Lou is hiring skips in which to dump the copious amounts of junk she never knew she had. Lou's loved ones grow disgruntled. Why is clearing out cupboards suddenly more important than making his breakfast, her husband Phil wonders? The truth is, the more rubbish Lou lets go of, the more light and air can get to those painful, closed-up places at the centre of her heart: the love waiting for a baby she would never have, the empty space her best friend Deb once occupied, and the gaping wound left by her husband's affair. Even lovely Tom Broom, the man who delivers Lou's skips, starts to grow concerned about his sweetest customer. But Lou is a woman on a mission, and not even she knows where it will end . . .a#39;He can understand a€œbiscuita€, just to warn you, a#39; said Tom with a lazy grin, and as he hooked up the skip, Lou went into the ... the road where they kindly told her she had to let him go and she cuddled her dog whilst they gently put him to sleep, anbsp;...

Title:A Spring Affair
Author:Milly Johnson
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-04-06


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