A Style and Usage Guide to Writing About Music

A Style and Usage Guide to Writing About Music

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In A Style and Usage Guide to Writing About Music, Thomas Donahue presents a collection of guidelines to help express through the written word the special notations, terms, and concepts found in the discipline of music. It concentrates on questions of style and format in the interest of good formal writing within the context of United-States English, so that writers may communicate their ideas clearly and effectively. While compiling the guidelines, Donahue reviewed content from many other music and general guides. He documented the most common formats in order to assist the writer in selecting an appropriate format for the given circumstance when more than one may apply. The book draws on profuse musically-oriented examples and is arranged by topics both musical and typographic, such as the proper use and spelling of composer names and musical concepts; the use of notes, pitches, and octave delineations; letters and numbers employed to describe form and harmony; when, where, and how to apply compound words and hyphenation of terms and names; and the proper citation of musical and audiovisual sources. The book concludes with a glossary of typographic terms, a bibliography, and a comprehensive index, making this a valuable resource for students, scholars, teachers, and writers.Richard Drakeford, liner notes for A Warlock Centenary Album, CD (EMI Classics 7243 5 65101 2 8, 1994). ... the medium (long-playing record, cassette, compact disc, Web download), the record company, the catalog number, and the year.

Title:A Style and Usage Guide to Writing About Music
Author:Thomas Donahue
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2010-04-01


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