A Surgeon's Incredible Life Journey

A Surgeon's Incredible Life Journey

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His journey began in Iran, where he was born and learned the ways of an ancient civilization. As you travel with him, you will learn about his childhood, his parents, his teenage years and his years as a medical student in Iran. Arriving in a new country where people's beliefs and customs were so unlike his own, he discovered that if you are sincere in your beliefs, no matter how different they may be, most people will respect you and your right to your beliefs. Soon, he had two countries and fond memories of his youth in his native land and a deep gratitude for a country that has given him the opportunity to develop wonderful friendships. He has also learned that people are more alike than they are different and that everyone has a belief of some kind and that they want to be cared about and respected. Having the perspective of a native Iranian and a patriotic American, he provides a view of his heritage, as well as the continuing story of his life here in the United States. He was a surgeon who placed a higher value on being a humane, caring person rather than power or money. He has viewed his patients and co-workers as family and treated them with enduring love and respect. Without exception, they have reciprocated. As a physician, he knows laughter and hope is effective medicine, and he has supplied large doses of these in his stories. It is his desire that they give you enjoyment, as well as a more in-depth perception of a different culture and of the man who came from that culture. This is his small contribution to helping us all learn how to live in peace and harmony with one another.to eat, what not to eat, and how much to eat. ... Otherwise, I would drop by in four or five days to check on him and see how he was doing. ... I asked him about the diarrhea and other things and gave him instructions. ... He said, aquot;Doctor, I told you before that I have decided, and I am not going to go back on my decision.

Title:A Surgeon's Incredible Life Journey
Author:Ali H. Morad
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-01


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