A Survivor’s Guide to College

A Survivor’s Guide to College

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Life is war. Every new challenge you face is like a new battle in the grand campaign of life. Everything you learn about an upcoming battle before you head out to fight it puts you one step closer to winning that battle. This short ebook is designed to give you tips, tricks, and advice to help you win the college battle. The ultimate success of your life campaign is built on successful battles won one engagement at a time. Read, learn, apply, win.Ifyoukeep busy and keep engaged with your new surroundings, you will get over the homesickness much faster. ... Books. Leta#39;s faceit, the college book industry is a giantracket. Youa#39;ll never paymore for a book you wanted to read less inall your ... If youa#39;re looking to buy into this racket, have money to waste, or simply ran out of time and have no other option, then go down to ... able to arrive early, you can save yourselffrom gettingput over theproverbial barrel by doing a little foot work.

Title:A Survivor’s Guide to College
Author:David W. Smith II
Publisher:Wavecloud Publishing - 2015-01-07


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