A Tale of One Knight

A Tale of One Knight

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Split second life-and-death wartime heroics in foreign lands, endless training, and ridiculous bureaucracy -- the US Army has it all. Much is asked of soldiers. Military duties shape, define, and mature individuals on many levels. Have you found out who you are, and what you will and will not do? This account describes dogged determination to do the duties, to interweave a love story, and to realize where one is to steer towards a fulfilling future. In the foreground, a night of duty mirrors back actions and interactions that smooth and shape. But does the potential of a military role enable you to develop your gifts and skills to become who you want to be?Another morning lost, for more wisdom teeth removal. Not again. Can only be delayed for so long; bear up, me lad, for ye must needs be tested. The left side teeth pop right out. In and out, in under and hour. Recovery in only a week, and noanbsp;...

Title:A Tale of One Knight
Author:Lester Langertrippes
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-11


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