A Thousand Water Bombs

A Thousand Water Bombs

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The Tribers a€“ Bee, Jonno, Keener, Fifty and Copper Pie a€“ have fun getting in and out of adventures.Only six days left to fill a thousand water bombs for the summer fair, and Copper Pie goes off with Tribea€™s arch enemy! Will it be a washout or can the Tribers save the day? There's a thief in school. The Tribers catch the culprit, and then wish they hadn't. Then Marco the mad mountain-boarder presents Tribe with a tricky dilemma. Ita€™s non-stop for Tribe!If youa#39;ve never filled a water bomb, youa#39;ve obviously been living in Darkest Peru like that marmalade bear, but Ia#39;ll tell you anyway. Ita#39;s not that easy. You have to stretch the top of the miniballoon over the tap and make it full enough to be round but not so full that you cana#39;t tie the knot. ... a#39;Well wea#39;ll have to do it at home .

Title:A Thousand Water Bombs
Author:T. M. Alexander
Publisher:Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd. - 2012-01-01


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