A TV Guide to Life

A TV Guide to Life

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Read Jeff Alexander's posts on the Penguin Blog. A couch potatoa€™s book of wisdoma€” 100% commercial free! Some say that entire generations of Americans are being raised by the televisiona€blike thata€™s a bad thing. Not so, says author Jeff Alexander, long-time television writer, advocate of education by television, and recapper for the popular website Television Without Pity. Here, he offers the ultimate in life lessons as seen on TV. Topics include: a€c Saved by the Bell: School on TV a€c Somebody Save Me: Super Powers and Magic Spells a€c Tell Me Why I Love You Like I Do: Relationships on TV a€c Making A Living: The Workplace a€c And more With a smart, snarky style, Alexander guides readers through important lessons gleaned from years of TV reviewing (now in convenient book form!), freeing up a whole new generation to learn other things, like how to cure cancer or solve world hungera€bor anything more useful than watching TV (Authora€™s note: Just jokinga€b there is no such thing).On the U.S. version of The Office, ita#39;s Dwight, the humorless fascist, with his nerdy tastes in entertainment, his ... In one episode of NewsRadio, WNYXa#39;s resident weirdo Matthew felt distinctly threatened by a weird temp played by Frenchanbsp;...

Title:A TV Guide to Life
Author:Jeff Alexander
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-07-01


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