A Vacation Gathering

A Vacation Gathering

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Chucky and his zany friends have known each other forever, but they don't get together as much as they would like. Life got in the way. It happens. So to correct this grievous injustice, he inspires the gang to get together for a festive group vacation. The antics of this reunion will fuel legendary reminiscences for decades to come. It will be an epic adventure. But even this group could never have predicted just how weird that gathering would be... They come face to face with the spirits of our founding fathers, a rather unconventional genie in a bottle, a group of misplaced Egyptian goddesses, a matriarch who is known only as Big Mama ... and a persnickety little imp who goes by the name of Harrold. Together, the friends will explore the explained, survive the unexplained, and wonder at the never-could-happens of their weird vacation. So sit back and enjoy the ride to a place where the troubles are few, the laughter is plentiful, and the joy comes from living in harmony with others who are delightfully different.qChucky, you said that your skunk didna#39;t smell, a€ screamed Butch. a€œThata#39;s not my skunk!a€ a€œOh man, what do I do now? I cana#39;t get back in the car smellina#39; like this.a€ a€œ Just run into the woods and take your clothes offbefore the smell sets into you skinanbsp;...

Title:A Vacation Gathering
Author:Stanley Kuren
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-08-29


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